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Sunday, 31-Aug-2008 21:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
birthday cakes

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some recent orders for birthday cakes came from syera, asnida, daniel (khurul 'ain's cousin) & ita. syera wanted a birthday cake large enough for her daughter to celebrate with her kindergarten friends, so, i suggested a 2 kg choc moist cake. syera's daughter loves chocolate & winnie-the-pooh & tigger, and most kids i know love piping, this is what i came up with.

asnida ordered a 1 kg choc moist cake with choc topping for her daughter's 13th birthday. now, cakes for early teens can be a bit tricky....if the design is too cutesy, then its like saying they're still babies (which i don't think is how they like to be viewed as). too flowery/stark, then the cake is too "old". finally settled on minimal flowers in pink & purple (nana's fave colours, says asnida) with colourful candles as an ode to teenage tastes

as for daniel, his sister was also turning 13 but still liked cute stuff. surfed the net & found this design which was cute but funky enough for a teenager

ita's order was kinda last-minute but fortunately i managed to make the cake. ita actually wanted to order the cake from misleha & transport it all d way from kl back to penang. to avoid the hassle of transporting the cake over such a long distance, misleha proposed my name. ita actually wanted a 3-d version of barbie mariposa, but since the order came so late, i could only accept it if was for a 2-d cake. happy to hear from ita that the cake met her expectations

Sunday, 31-Aug-2008 20:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wedding cakes galore

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had some orders for wedding cakes recently (school holidays in malaysia equals wedding season )

i'm not feeling well, so, i'm just posting the pictures here....too ill to do a major write-up.

wellllll, maybe just a teeny-weeny note....dyana initially ordered a 2-tier wedding cake & gave me a sample of the design she wanted (it was a cake made by my friend, zahurinina...her fp add is i couldn't make an exact copy (the flowers by the side kept sliding down), so, i did some modifications which i think turned out pretty nicely.

not exactly sure what went wrong, but dyana said by the time she arrived home with the cakes, the icing had melted & the cake slid from the box. she seemed a bit upset, so, i offered to make her replacement cakes as my wedding gift to her (meaning free-of-charge lah....kasi hadiah sama dia). they weren't as large as her initial order, but sufficient as a wedding cake. transported the cakes from kulim to sg petani with no problems & dyana's brother came by to pick the cakes up. i don't know if the cakes made it to dyana's house in perfect condition cos she never responded to my sms, but this is how it should've looked like.

as for kak zah's (pn. azizah manaf) cakes, it was kindly paid for by en. abdul baret as a wedding gift to kak zah's son. tulah orang kata, murah rezeki bila berkahwin ni

Friday, 8-Aug-2008 03:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
fondant bridal gift cake

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got this order from a colleague whose wedding was on 08.08.08. she placed orders for kek hantaran for both her fiancee (or is it fiance? i'm always confused how it shud be spelt... 0) and herself. she showed me pictures of the cakes she had in mind, so i didn't really have to crack my head to come up with suitable designs.

lucky for me, the designs she chose were simple & uncluttered...precisely the way i think fondant cakes should be 'cos to me, a fondant cake with too many details on the cake is just not elegant/stylish.

the red roses cake is her gift to the groom & the green flower (camelia?) cake is for the bride.

oh, btw, both cakes are marble cakes. her reason for the same type of cake....if they taste the same, then each side knows what the cake they gave to the other one tastes like...sooo cute

to syikin & dini, selamat pengantin baru. moga kekal bahagia hingga ke syurga

Thursday, 7-Aug-2008 07:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
fondant cupcakes

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this order was redirected to me by lynn hassan (thanks lynn ) who couldn't take the order as azurah (the customer) wanted to balik kampung early & lynn was concerned that the cupcakes quality would suffer if they were made too early. since azurah would be in alor setar, kedah, lynn thought of me as a substitute baker.

azurah ordered carrot almond cupcakes to be decorated in fondant and royal icing. she actually gave a sample of lynn's cupcake design for me to follow (the last picture here), but since i don't have the same type of fondant roller, i had to make something slightly different. likewise with the nozzle for the royal icing flowers.

the colour theme was blue, with white/silver accents. forgot to confirm what type of blue azurah wanted until it was too late & i couldn't get her on her cellphone. so, i just went ahead and chose baby blue (i love this's sooooo sweet ). besides, if i made it a deeper shade of blue, everyone who ate the cupcakes would end up with smurf tongues

Wednesday, 6-Aug-2008 04:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy birthday mom!

front/top view
side view1
back view
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this order came from a colleague at the office who is becoming a regular customer & who helps promote my cakes to others (thanks syera! )

syera's mom doesn't like chocolate cakes & syera didn't want to go for easily available cakes like buttercakes or spongecakes 'cos she wanted something special for her mom. we finally settled on almond sugee cake with whipped topping decoration.

i'm glad that the syera found the cake beautiful & delicious. her mom even had 2 slices (which is a lot since she normally takes only 1 slice, if at all). her mom also kept aside the flowery portion of the cake....they said it was almost too pretty to eat

(i just noticed...kinda sounds like i'm tooting my own horn loudly. but hey, what's the purpose of marketing if not to promote the "goodness" of my products? )

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