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Saturday, 19-Apr-2008 05:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark

assorted buns
sandwich loaf
assorted buns
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it's been a while since i had a bread making class. for bread classes, i only accept 1 student per class as bread takes time & really needs a hands-on approach.

this class was attended by kak roz. i always enjoy having her as a student cos she's a chatterbox (like me... ) and asks a lot of questions. so, my classes with her have been really interactive.

for this class, we did two types of dough - sandwich bread dough & sweet dough. the sandwich bread dough was made into a loaf of bread (after all, it is sandwich bread ). the sweet dough, we had fun with that - we made garlic butter rolls, red bean flower buns, red bean rolls (my kids call them roti ulat gonggok cos they look like ulat gonggok... ), sugar plaits, chocolate-filled turtle buns, and cinnamon buns.

the buns that look a bit squished up - well, here's the story. kak roz wanted to learn how to make sausage buns, the kind that had bits of sausage on the left & right. didn't have any sausages in my fridge, so, we made "red bean sausages". of course, the "sausages" were too soft, so, when we twisted the bread to left & to the right, the shape went everywhere. but, despite that, kak roz did manage to pick-up the technique..

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these are pictures from a basic cake decoration class i held on 20th march 2008. the class was attended by 2 students - ej & ina.

both ej & ina have had some experience decorating cakes, so, it was more like an intermediate class

for the buttercream class, they did basketweave, swirl roses, orchids and cupcakes.

for the ganache, they learnt a variety of ways to use the comb scraper. btw, the brown roses were my first attempt at making gumpaste flowers. obviously, i still need llloooooootttttssss of practice as my roses had thick petals and tiny cracks everywhere. but they do look good in these pictures (masuk bakul angkat sendiri.... !!)

for the fondant, they learnt how to mix the colours into the fondant (two techniques - marble effect & full colour). they also did braids, draping & piped royal icing accents.

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2-tier fondant wedding cake with royal icing accents
fondant + royal icing
choc moist, ganache, fondant, buttercream
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i know, i know....i'm really bad at sticking to the plan (once a week update, remember? no, you don''s been that long... ).

anyway, i'm gonna be a good girl today & update my fp. some of these pictures are of cakes, breads, cupcakes, pies and muffins i made waaaayyy back in 2007 and the rest were made this year.

i hate the fact that i have to put my "ownership claim" on the pictures, but i'm still pissed off that other people can just simply claim my work as theirs. so, this is a small thing that i can do to avoid that problem again.

btw, i never did get a reply from the site owners & i'm not about to travel all the way to their shop to meet up with them. but the good news is they're in the process of updating their site (my cake pics no longer there....yay!!!!) & i hope they've learnt their lesson.

so, anyways, hope you like viewing the pictures (some may be repeats - too lazy to check if i've posted the pics before.. ).

if you'd like to taste the cakes/breads/muffins/cupcakes/pies, call/sms/email me anytime (but you'll get a quicker response if you sms/email me....i sometimes don't pick up calls from numbers that i don't recognize 'cos most times those calls are from people trying to sell me credit cards/insurance schemes/holiday packages....none of which i'm interested in )

Saturday, 8-Mar-2008 15:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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held a basic cake decor class last 24 feb. attended by 5 people, including resipidotnet "celebrity", mamazieza (jgn marah arrr,mama....mama memang pemes pun )

too tired to do much of a write-up,so, i'll just post the pics.

Wednesday, 20-Feb-2008 15:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

the original
another picture which they don't have
stolen picture (looks like the original huh?)
must have caught your attention with that header right? it's not good news, friends....a photo of my cake got pasted on another site & the people in charge of the site had the cheek to try and pass the cake as their own creation! i'm very thankful to one of my resipidotnet friends who detected the fraud & let us in on it.

the picture titled "the original" is THE ORIGINAL pic of the cake they claimed as theirs. it's a birthday cake i made for myself & i posted the pics to some yahoogroups that i joined. however, i never got to posting the pics on my fp earlier. (PLS SEE UPDATE BELOW : THEY HAVE REMOVED THE PICTURES)

i have contacted the site owners but they have yet to get back to me. if they're nice & remove the pictures which they "stole", then i'll remove this negative comment about them from my fp. if they pretend that they did no wrong, then i'll keep dissing them every single chance i get

i wouldn't be so worked up if they at least acknowledged the source of the pic. but, i guess some people really enjoy passing off other people's work as their own (kalau tidak, takkan ada pepatah "lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama", ye tak?).

so,from now on, i'll have no choice but to place a watermark across all my pics....don't really like to do that 'cos it does "block" the pics a bit, but better that than raising my blood pressure...

UPDATE (21 FEB 2009)

just got notification on 20 Feb 2009 from the moderator of the site. they've removed the pics, so, i'm removing the link to their site from this write-up.

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