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Wednesday, 6-Feb-2008 10:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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thanks to mamazieza who connected me to her friend, i recently got an order for a 1 kg vanilla buttercake to be decorated in apple-green fondant. for the cake, i used the plain butter cake recipe posted by a netter to resipidotnet. i like this recipe 'cause it's simple yet tasty. had to make 2 mixes though as 1 mix only yields about 900g of cake (the excess after allocation for my customer's cake was made into a cake for my family).

for the fondant, i used the rolled fondant recipe posted by suria (again at resipidotnet) and made famous by arlina omar (resipidotnet again...what did u expect? ) & royal icing recipe posted by netters (resipidotnet.... ) from johor bahru (recipe from chef razak). i tried another royal icing recipe before & it worked, but chef razak's recipe to me tastes better. the only minus is i have to have tragacanth gum for his recipe....something which is not always available & i can only get it at sunshine in siam road, penang.

anyway, very pleased with the results of my cake decorating effort this time. i think the customer was happy,too (at least, she appeared to be happy ).

in a bit of a rush right now, so, won't be digging through my gmail account to get the recipes i used. if anyone's interested, please drop me an email at & i'll get back to you as soon as i can

Wednesday, 30-Jan-2008 02:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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last sunday (27 jan 2008), i participated in a charity bake-sale (thanks mamazieza for inviting me to join ). this was the 1st bake-sale for me & i was excited (or is it over-excited?.. ). i'd been asked to bake 50 6-inch buttercakes & 200 packs of assorted buns (3 buns/pack)....whew!! that's a lot of baking!!

i'm also very grateful to my parents & hubby for supporting me in this parents have been kind enough to "sponsor" the purchase of an oven, so, i can run on two ovens instead of one. dear, darling hubby helped me out with the shopping & packing & labelling & 1001 other related stuff, which really helped to bring down the stress level

below is a bit of write-up on the event (i plucked this from an email sent by mamazieza to since she already did a good job with the description of the event, it's just simpler to copy-paste from her email (plus, i'm too lazy to do my own write-up.. )

the pictures are of the stuff we sold. it was sooooo hectic (sales were supposed to start at 10, but by 9.00 people were already asking to buy stuff). so, we ended up unloading & selling at the same time...thank goodness cimb bank staff were on-hand to attend to the "customers", so, we could concentrate on unloading the goodies from the car

happy to say it was a great success & everything sold out by around 4.00 p.m.

NOTE : pics labelled bazar19 - bazar21 are from jamilah rejab a.k.a. kakcik's collection. pics labelled bazar22 - bazar23 are from mamazieza.
Kalau laaa ada sape-sape yang dok sebelah utagha ni yang senang dan free dan boleh luangkan masa.. mai laa menyibuk kat gerai Anis, Kak Cik dan Mama di Charity Food Fair organised by CIMB Bank di Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (depan bangunan BHL) dekat2 ngan Citibank semua tu laaaaa....

Tak beli pun takpe.. hehehe.. sebab semuanya dah jadi mahal.. al maklum nama pun charity kan.. cuma yang bagusnya, all our goods are being paid by CIMB tak kira laa habis atau tidak.. mai ekkk datang menyibuk sat kat sana.. kasik gempak.

Charity fair ni akan dirasmikan oleh TYT dan dihadiri oleh ramai VIP, juga adalaa lintas langsung dari TV3 ke masuk berita ke.. mana laa tau.. muahaha.. nampak muka kami2 ni kat dalam tivi.. hehehehe...

Walaupun gerai makanan atas nama Resident's Association of Bayan Baru, tapi kalau tengok kat gerai kami ni adalah nama tu menyelit...hehehehe... promo maaaa...


psst... start dari hari ni..sehingga Ahad.. tak dan laa nak jenguk ke Rnet ni... ada 500 cuppies, 50 ciskek dan 50 carrot cake nak kasik siap... oh ya brownies 200 pack. Anis buat buns 600 biji, dan kek butter 50 biji. Kak Cik buat kek cekelat 50 biji dan Roshayati buat pizza 300 keping.... amacam.???? best kannnnnnnn... hehehheo

Saturday, 19-Jan-2008 17:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark

i'd been hankering to practice my fondant decorating. so, when i made the "pearl" fondant cake, i used some of the cake mix (excess from the "pearl" cake) & baked this fruitcake. then, since i planned to serve cake to my parents who would be dropping by on 20 january as a "celebration" on their return from their haj pilgrimage, i decided to wrap the cake i baked in cling-wrap & foil, and store it in the fridge till i was ready to decorate.

well, tonite was the nite for decorating. i was bored with the usual gumpaste flower decoration, so, took some ideas from the cakes i once saw on & decided to "paint" the fondant.

did a freehand picture of a daffodil (it is meant to be a daffodil, in case you couldn't tell ) with some liquid food colouring.

not 100% satisfied with my efforts, but i guess it's okay for a first try. am keen to use this technique again 'cause its something different & more of a challenge than just sticking a gumpaste flower into the cake...

Friday, 11-Jan-2008 17:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

fondant clam-1
fondant clam-2
fondant aidiladha-1
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these are two fondant cakes i made fairly recently. the yellow-purple one is a steamed fruitcake which i made for the aidiladha celebration last december. i'd been hankering for some fruitcake & the festivities provided me with a suitable excuse to make one (i don't often make it just for my family as i'm the only one who likes fruitcake....and my waistline is already huge enough without me adding to it via fistfuls of fruitcake )

the white one in the clam is the one i'm most proud of right now 'cause to me it looks so elegant & classy. for this, i have to thank khurul 'ain (whose mom wanted to present this cake as a wedding gift to her niece) and my dear, darling hubby. my friend's mom initially wanted to place a heart-shaped cake in the clam, but khurul 'ain & my hubby said it would make more sense to place a "pearl" there. so, this is what came out of that...a steamed fruit cake made in two bowls, and one bowl was inverted on top of the other (i haven't managed to get my grubby hands on a wilton bowl pan just yet , so, that'll have to do).

to be frank, this was actually one of the easiest cakes to decorate & i love that despite the ease of work, it actually looks gorgeous (hey, can i help it if i'm in love with my own work? ).

i'm too lazy (as usual) to do translation, so, here's the recipe for the cake. text in blue/red are my additions/modifications to the recipe. if anyone needs it to be translated, pls drop me a line at & i'll try to get back to you as soon as i can.
Sumber : Mami Asmah Laili

Bahan2 A :-
500 gm mentega (saya guna jenama Anchori)
350 gm gula kaster
6 biji telur (saya guna gred A cos yg tu je yg ada dlm peti ais)
Bahan2 B :-
500 gm tepung gandum
2 sudu teh soda bicarbonate
2 sudu teh cream of tartar
1 sudu teh serbuk buah pala
500 gm mixed fruits
50 gm candied orange peel
50 gm ceri merah
50 gm ceri hijau

Bahan2 C :-
250 gm gula pasir - dijadikan gula hangus

Cara2 :-
Sediakan loyang (ikut resipi asal leh guna loyang 13 x 13. gris sekeliling & alas dgn kertas kek). Ketepikan.
Sediakan kukusan.
Ayak tepung gandum, soda, cream of tartar & serbuk buah pala bersama. Ketepikan.
Pukul mentega & gula caster hingga kembang/gebu. Masukkan telur satu persatu & pukul lagi hingga rata & kembang.
Bila adunan bahan2 (A) dh cukup kembang, gaul rata semua bahan (B). pastu masukkan bahan2 (B) tu dlm bahan (A) & kaup hingga rata.
Tuang gula hangus & segera kacau hingga rata (NI KENA BUAT CEPAT2 SUPAYA GULANYA X SEMPAT JADI BERKETUL2 DLM ADUNAN TU)Bila dah sebati semuanya, tuang dlm loyang, tutup longgar2 dgn kertas timah & kukus atas api sederhana selama 4 jam (saya kukus 2 jam je sebab dh ngantuk teramat...hehehe!!).
Bila dah siap, sejukkan atas redai kek sebelum dihias ikut citarasa.

p/s : i love the taste of this cake 'cause it's not too sweet. that, to me, is also the reason why it's perfect for decorating with fondant - those who like it sweet, can eat the cake with the fondant. those who prefer it less sweet, can chuck the fondant & just eat the cake.

Friday, 11-Jan-2008 16:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark

kak cik's buttercream
zana's buttercream-1
zana's buttercream-2
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I know...whatever happened to updating this fotopage at least once a week? I meant to, truly, and still hope to keep to that "promise", but you know, things have a way of piling up and before u know it, it's been more than ages since the last update.

Whatever it is, today's entries are going to make up for the delay....

Back to the topic, these are pictures of the cakes decorated by my "students" (and new-found friends) waaaaayyyyy back in 2007. I didn't manage to take all of the photos, but fortunately my students did & have kindly forwarded the pics to me.

Hope you have as much fun looking at the cakes as we did decorating them

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