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Monday, 10-Dec-2007 15:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Choc with fondant

Choc fondant (full view)
Choc fondant (fondant bow)
Choc fondant (jelly hearts)
A friend of mine celebrated his birthday recently (happy birthday Zaeem!) and was having a pot-luck party at the office. A perfect opportunity for me to bake & decorate cakes... !!. I was planning on making a smaller cake, but his colleagues asked whether they could order a chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache topping. So, I baked a bigger cake and just asked them to pay a portion of the price I would have charged them (the remaining portion being my gift to the birthday boy).

Since my oven was out of order, had to make a steamed cake. Fortunately, I knew the perfect recipe....kek coklat kukus Roha. One recipe yielded about 1.7kg of cake & with the ganache & fondant bow, the total weight added up to 1.8kg++.

The cake was for a guy, so, I obviously could not opt to decorate with girly stuff (no flowers, no butterflies, etc., etc., .... you know the drill). Cracked my head and finally came up with a simple fondant bow (used fondant leftover from my previous cake decorating class), edged in royal icing. Did a buttercream border with some buttercream (also leftover). Still looked kinda dull. Then, I remembered that I had bought some heart-shaped jelly tips at a baking supplies shop in Kulim. Walllaaaa.....the border looked nicer & less boring.

Anyway, happy to say, the cake was a hit with all those who had a taste of it (I'm always glad when people enjoy eating the cakes I bake, but I'll never bear the liability of adding to their waist size... !!).

Here are the recipes I used for the cake, fondant, buttercream & ganache. I'm giving the full recipe as I have absolutely no idea how to resize the portions to match the amount I used. Also, too lazy to translate the recipes right now....if anyone wants the recipes in English, please just email me at & I'll try to get back to you ASAP.
Kek Coklat Roha

2 cawan tepung gandum

2 cawan gula - gula pasir dikisar halus

1 cawan serbuk koko - boleh kurangkan kalau tak suka pahit

1 st baking powder

1 st soda bikarbonat

1 tin kecil susu pekat / kalau krimer pakai setengah tin saja

1 cawan air mendidih

5 biji telur

1 cawan minyak masak

Panaskan kukusan, ayak tepung, baking powder, soda dan serbuk koko.
Campurkan dengan gula, minyak, susu pekat, air panas dan telur, kacau
dengan senduk saja hingga semua sebati, tuang dalam loyang yang dialas dan
dilengser dengan butter, kukus selama 1-1 1/2 jam atau bila bilah penguji
kek keluar bersih. Semasa mengukus pastikan air kukusan ditambah dng air
panas. actually waktu kukusan bergantung kepada saiz loyang, sebab loyang
azian kecil,so masa kukusan dalam 30 ke 40 minit saja.
Rolled Fondant

100 gm shortening (melt in warm temperature)
15 g gelatine powder ) steam until
60 g water ) dissolve
100 g liquid glucose
50 ml glycerina
750 gm - 1000 g icing sugar

1. Steam (air & gelatin)
2. Bila cair, masukkan glucose
3. Bila glucose cair masukkan shortening - kacau hingga cair
4. Keluarkan mixture dari double boiler masukkan glycerine
5. Masukkan icing sugar (ayak dahulu) sedikit demi sedikit
6. Putar hingga mendapat doh yg diinginkan
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----
BUTTERCREAM SUSU PEKAT (ni 1/2 resipi je daripada yg asal dlm buku tu. ada gak saya modify sket supaya lebih kental & kurang muak makannya. teks condong tu yg saya tambah)

500 g krimwell
250 g shortening (resipi asal guna butter, tapi, saya nak icing putih, jadi ganti butter dgn shortening)
1/2 tin susu pekat (lebih-kurang 225g)
3 sudu makan membumbung gula aising yg telah diayak
1/2 sudu teh garam halus

pukul krimwell & shortening guna mixer (guna whisk, bukan k-beater) pada kelajuan tinggi sehingga kembang. perlahankan mixer, masukkan susu pekat, gula aising & garam. pukul pada kelajuan perlahan hingga semuanya sebati
Choc Ganache

1 liter non-dairy whipped topping (I used Anchor brand as it is certified halal by JAKIM)
1.4 kg cooking chocolate (chop into small pieces so that it'll melt faster)

Heat whipped topping in a heavy-based pot on low heat until tiny bubbles appear on the edges. Add in the cooking chocolate & continue stirring until all the chocolate has melted. Let cool (uncovered, at room temperature) overnight.

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Basic Cake Decorating Class

Non-dairy whipped topping
Yesterday I conducted a basic cake decorating class for Ina (thanks Ina!) who wanted to learn how to decorate cakes using buttercream, whipped topping and fondant. The class began around 9.00 a.m. and ended at about 5.00 p.m. These are the cakes that Ina decorated, with a little guidance from me.

For the buttercream, Ina learnt how to make roses using wafercones & flower nail. However, as a beginner, it was much easier to use wafercones, so, we stuck to that. Ina also did basketweaving as the trimming for the cake.

We used non-dairy whipped topping (anchor brand as that brand is certified "halal" by JAKIM) for the whipped topping cake. For this one, Ina learnt how to do "two-tone" icing, which resulted in pink-n-white flowers (can't seem to recall the name of the flowers...must be getting "younger"... ).

I love the colours Ina selected for her fondant cake. Since we didn't have marzipan on hand, we made do by putting a double-layer of fondant to ensure a smooth surface. Ina wanted to learn draping, so, we did that with a bit of purple-coloured fondant. Did a ruffle trim & stuck in a bouquet of gumpaste flowers, and Ina's cake was done.

If anyone's interested, I'll be having another class on 16 December 2007. I prefer to teach small groups (maximum 4 students), so that I can concentrate and give personal attention to each "student". So, if you're interested, drop me an email at and if there are slots available, I'll fit you in. But I need to know by 10 December so that I'll have enough time to prepare

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These are the recipes for the white wedding cake with lilac flowers and the coffee shortbread. Sorry, don't have time (as usual.... ) to translate the cake recipe.

Dug thru my tons of email, but somehow the recipe for the yellow fondant covered cake is playing hide-n-seek

Bahan A
10 biji telor sejuk
50 gm air
30 gm ovalette (lebih-kurang 1 1/2 sudu makan)
1 1/2 sudu tea baking powder
350 gm castor sugar
400 gm tepong gandum
1 sudu tea vanilla essence
utk kek stroberi
(esen vanilla saya ganti dgn 2 sudu besar strawberry paste. dan saya tambah gak
2 sudu teh pewarna rose pink)
utk kek coklat
saya guna tepung gandum 350g je & saya tambah 50g serbuk koko. klu utk separuh resipi, saya separuhkan je bahan2nya

Bahan B
350 gm butter
2 sudu makan penuh susu pekat

Pukul telur hingga putih. Masukkan ovalette, gula, baking powder dan air serta vanila esen. Pukul lagi hingga pekat, kemudian masukkan tepung. Pukul lagi hingga sebati dan pekat.
Pukul mentega hingga putih, masukkan susu, campurkan kedua-dua bahan pukul lagi hingga rata. Tuangkan dalam acuan kecil-kecil atau loyang 8 x 8 dan bakar hingga masak.

Rolled Fondant (ni 1 adunan, tp saya bancuh 1.5 adunan sebab x nk ketandusan fondant masa tgh decor)

100 gm shortening (melt in warm temperature)
15 g gelatine powder ) steam until
60 g water ) dissolve
100 g liquid glucose
50 ml glycerina
750 gm - 1000 g icing sugar

1. Steam (air & gelatin)
2. Bila cair, masukkan glucose
3. Bila glucose cair masukkan shortening - kacau hingga cair
4. Keluarkan mixture dari double boiler masukkan glycerine
5. Masukkan icing sugar (ayak dahulu) sedikit demi sedikit
6. Putar hingga mendapat doh yg diinginkan

Royal icing (ikut sukatan yg saya buat)

1 telur putih
350g gula icing (diayak)
1/4 sudu teh cream of tartar

Pukul telur putih pada kelajuan tinggi hingga berbuih. masukkan cream of tartar & terus pukul hingga buih2nya semakin halus. masukkan gula icing sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus dipukul sehingga icingnya cukup kental.
Coffee Shortbread.

1 Cup butter softened
1/2 Cup packed brown sugar
1/4cup sugar
2 tabsp inst. coffee
2Cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 Cup semisweet choc.chips,melted

Cream butter, sugar and coffee gran.Gradually beat in flour and salt.
Roll dough on floured surface,about 1/4-inc thickness.Cut with cookie cutters.
Bake at 300F for 20-22 mins.
drizzle with melted chips.
Royal Icing With Eggs
3 egg whites (room temperature)
1lb icing sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Sift powdered sugar and cream of tartar.
Combine all ingredients and whip 8 mins at high speed.
Keep bowl covered with damp cloth while you work as it gets hard when dry


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Coffee Shortbread Cookies
Buttercake with fondant-whole
Buttercake with fondant-side angle
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I know, I's been ages since I last updated my fotopages. Been busy with this and that (plus, just got plain lazy... )

Anyway, I've decided to make my fp less of a commercial (for the cakes I bake) and include a little more write-up when I post pics. But my focus will still be on food, glorious food....don't think I'm ready yet to include pics of my family life (besides, I don't want to bore all of you out there... )

For a start, since it's currently wedding season in Malaysia, I'm posting some pics of wedding/engagement cakes and cookies which I've made. Recipes...a bit later cos I need to dig through my email. For now, only the pics...

The coffee shortbread cookies were made as a bridal gift (hantaran) for my cousin. Actually wanted to bake a cake, but transporting the cake from my house to his would have been a hassle since he lives quite a distance away. So, ended up baking these cookies, decorating them with royal icing & presenting them in a decorated basket. Never found out what he thought of the gift though....

The buttercake with yellow fondant was made for a friend who ordered the cake for her nephew's engagement. I'd been looking at pics of fondant cakes with ribbon weaving & felt this was the right time to try it out. Also, I'd just got my wilton ribbon embosser, so, was eager to try that out as well. I was very pleased with this cake and I think my customer was happy, too.

The buttercake with white fondant & lilac flowers is among my personal favourites. The order came from a friend of a friend who was getting married. She emailed me a picture of what she wanted her cake to look like. Couldn't get it 100% alike cos some tools I just didn't have. So, I improvised and came up with this, which is probably about 90% similar. She wanted purple/pink flowers (NO ROSES), so, I had to go hunting as the shop I normally buy from only had roses & none in purple/pink. Very happy to have found these gorgeous flowers at Sunshine (a baking supplies shop at Siam Road, Penang). Oops, almost forgot...the "scrolls" around the cake were done in royal icing.

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Kek Macam-Macam Ada

Kek ayahanda1 (fondant+buttercream)
Kek ayahanda2
Bunga Raya
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Ni plak gambar2 kek yang saya hias utk keluarga, kengkawan & saja2 utk praktis

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